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Trial Skype Lesson or First Lesson Is Half Price of $10.

Normal 30 Minute Lesson is $20.




Please contact me for more information.

Ph 0415 291 956
Int +61 415 291 956




More Info On The Lessons


Why Skype Lessons?

A lot can be learn from this tool called the internet. There are hundreds of YouTube videos on learning just about anything, including guitar. But eventually most people need some personal instruction because vieso won't give you any feed back on your playing, answer your questions, or advise you what to do next. Skype is interactive an flexible time wise and location wise. 


What You Need


The latest version of Skype application (available here)
High-speed Internet connection
A PayPal account
And of course.. A Guitar!


Time Zones?


I am in Australia so we would need to be able to co-ordinate from other time zones.


The Lessons

Tailored Lessons - While there are basics of guitar playing that everyone needs to learn, I try to tailor the lessons to what each student wants and needs on an individual level.

Learn To Play Songs - Learn to play songs suitable for your current level. I also try to include songs that the students want to learn to play as well.

Technique - Correct techniques is important. This can include the best hand positions for the left hand and also the right hand, especially for finger picking.

Reading - While I teach reading music, I have found that most students just want to play guitar. Reading tablature is a shorthand method of writing music for guitar, and there are thousands of songs available in 'tabs' on the internet. It is not hard to understand and you can usually always find your favourite songs in tabs.

Music Theory and Scale Chord Relationships - It is very useful to have an understaning of how music fits together. Songs are in keys. Keys are determined by scales, and the chords are also formed from Scales / Keys. It is not something that is required at the start, but it is good to look at it further down the track.




I offer Skype guitar tuition at a reduced rate because face to face is always the best way to have a lesson, but still a lot we can accomplish over Skype!

Skype Lessons are $20 per half hour. You can have a Trial Lesson for $10 to see if it's for you.




Please contact me for more information.

Ph 0415 291 956
Int +61 415 291 956



Lessons need to be booked and paid for in advance. If you have to cancel a lesson for any reason you must let me know 24 hours in advance to schedule a make up or you will lose the lesson.





Contact Form or Ph 0415 291 956
International - + 61 415 291 956